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Here is one of our many cuddly naughty little feline family members. They were helping (not) us wrap our Christmas gifts yesterday so I took some pictures of them to share with you. I'll put the rest behind the LJ cut. I actually got scared off posting cat pics for a few months now because one of my LJ friends has all of the cat communities on her friends list and got upset that she had to scroll past all of my cat picture posts, sigh. I don't put any of my communities on my friend's list or I'd go mad. I have so many wonderful pals and belong to so many communities that there's just no keeping up with it. Anyway for those of you who would be bothered by seeing a whole bunch of glorious kitties over and over again here they are behind the cut. Happy Holiday hugs, Jacqui XOXOXO

Here are two pictures of BBB, or Triple B as my thirteen year old son named her, playing in one of the Christmas bags while we were wrapping presents yesterday. She was so cute. She's really funny looking because she has this round apple dolly head and one bad eye but we are so grateful she lived we don't care how she looks. Irma and I never stop kissing her, poor little thing. She kisses us back now, so sweet. She comes right up to us and tries to get up to our mouths, it's so wonderful. We were so worried she wouldn't make it because she was orphaned and we had to take turns feeding her round the clock.

This is Sammy. He was also "helping" us wrap gifts yesterday. I made these pictures as small as I could hoping I won't get any complaints, blah.

Here's a funny picture of Miss Zazu Pitts. She never stays in one place long enough for me to get a picture of her so I was excited I actually almost got a still shot of her. Her favorite thing in the world is cheese. Her least favorite thing is to be held. She'll climb up on me or into my lap but if I do anything that smacks of restraining her she's gone.

I'm pretty sure this is Ping but we have so many black cats sometimes it's hard to tell which is which when I'm sorting through their pictures. It looks like Pingy though, Ping inside a Hallmark bag.

And here is our beloved Tea Tea, the sweetest, hardest fighting to live, little kitty on the planet.
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