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Monday, July 7th, 2008
3:11 pm
Tips On Breeding Snakes
Tips On Breeding Snakes
 by: Gary Ruplinger
When you've had some success caring for captive snakes, you might find yourself interested in breeding them. This can be done, but it requires record keeping and attention to many details concerning the living conditions of the snakes. The breeding is generally done in the winter so that the babies are born or hatched in the spring.
Breeding snakes requires feeding them well for about four months, and then putting them into a cool state of hibernation. To do this, you first need to fatten them up, especially females, for a few months in late summer, then lower the temperature for a few more weeks or months. The exact timing varies with the species, as do the temperature requirements.
Just a quick note about determining the sex of a snake. This skill needs to be learned from an expert. It is a tricky process, sometimes requiring the use of a metal probe to look for the male reproductive organ. Even the most experienced of snake breeders make a mistake now and then.
During the hibernation, the snake is not fed, but is provided fresh water. When the time is up, the snake is gradually warmed up, and fed well again for a little while. Then the female and male are placed together. If she resists him, separate them and wait another week. If not, leave them together for a week or so.
A female snake that is developing eggs within is called "gravid." Some species of snake eat well during this time and others don't. The length of time it takes varies even within the same species. Again, the amount of heat provided makes a difference. Most females will shed shortly before laying their eggs.
Some snakes give birth to live offspring instead of laying eggs. The boas are examples of this. The hibernation requirements for these tropical snakes are much less, amounting to just a couple of weeks with low nighttime temperatures. Their humidity needs are higher, and they should be misted daily. With boas, you can add more than one male to the female's enclosure.
Pregnancy takes from 4 to 10 months. The mother to be usually eats well during this time, but you should choose smaller food items, since her inside body space is getting more crowded. Shedding usually precedes giving birth, but it can be as much as another month before the birth. The litter size can range from 10 to as many as 80 for large, robust females.
In general, snake babies should be removed and placed in separate containers lined with paper towels. The paper towels should be kept moist for the first two weeks. They will shed around this time, and can feed on pinkies or fuzzies (young mice) after the shed.
There may be a market for these young reptiles, and the process is certainly fascinating for the hobbyist. Do remember, though, that there are growing numbers of pet snakes being shoved off into rescue shelters because the owners just can't handle them any more. Be a responsible snake breeder, and make sure your young snakes won't just be more casualties.
Saturday, July 5th, 2008
1:11 am
What You Need To Know About Doggie First Aid
What You Need To Know About Doggie First Aid
 by: John Rivers
Knowing first aid can save the life of your dog. Just like people, dogs have accidents and need medical attention sometimes. And the thing is that sometimes there is just not time to get to the vet, that is when doggie first aid is so handy to know. Knowing what should go into your animal first aid kit is the key to keeping your dog alive and well no matter what happens. If you do a lot of hiking and walking in places like parks or on trails then you should also have a kit in your car for emergencies out of the home.
Most of the items in your doggie first aid kit are similar to those you have in your regular one for the family. There are however some things that need to be specialized for the animal of your life.
Here are some of the basics that your first aid kit cannot do without:
Hydrogen peroxide
Sterile eyewash solution made specifically for pets
Roll of absorbent cotton
Some cotton balls
Clean, white cotton sock (to cover wounded paws)
Gauze pads
Small scissors with rounded tips
Instant ice pack
Bulb syringe for suctioning mucous from mouth or nose
Injection syringe without the needle (to give liquid medication)
Small flashlight
All of these things should fit neatly into a container that has a nice tight lid. This will help to keep everything clean and sterile no matter how long it is sitting on the shelf or in the car. It is also a good idea to have the name of the vet and his or her phone number right there on the lid so that even in a panic you will know what to do. You may even want to put the number of the local emergency animal hospital as well in case something happens early in the morning or late at night when the regular vets are all closed.
Bee stings are one of the most common of all dog injuries. It is important that you get the stinger out right away before an infection has time to set in. This will also help to minimize any pain that your dog may be in. If you have to, restrain your dog and then use the tweezers in the first aid kit to pull out the stinger. You can then wash the area with some luke warm water and baking soda. This can help to take some of the nasty stinging away and easy the pain suffered by your dog. Ice and Benadryl will also help to keep the pain and swelling to a minimum, just make sure that you ask the vet just how much Benadryl is enough for your dog. Just like kids it is important that dogs get the right dosage when they take medications.
Never rush an injured animal. While it may be your instinct to run over and start taking care of the injury, this may spook your dog and scared animals can get a little upset. You do not want to end up with an injury as well, do you? Of course not, so take your time and let the animal know that you want to help not harm.
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
3:11 am
Is Your Cat Behaving Badly?
Is Your Cat Behaving Badly?
 by: Dana Goldberg
If your cat is anything like mine then he or she loves to scratch at all kinds of things, things that you really do not want to see scratched up. Cats are one of the most amazing and wonderful pets to own but they can wreak havoc if you let them. You need to learn some techniques to keep the cats from their bad behavior.
Male cats tend to be the most trouble some of the species because they are the ones that are prone to spray. Spraying is one of the most terrible of all cat behaviors. This is a process of literally peeing on anything and everything. They spew urine out behind them in order to mark what they feel is their territory. The best way to treat this behavior is before it starts. The younger that you get your cat neutered the less likely he is to spray as he gets older. People are getting their cats fixed as early as 12 weeks.
If you are worried about getting your cat fixed this young talk to your vet and do some good research online. This is the age that the SPCA is getting this done on the cats that have take in. This is the best way to nip bad cat behavior in the bud, especially spraying.
Of course the most common cat problem of all is scratching. If your cat is scratching the furniture and you, any you have tried just about everything else you should give nail caps a try. These are little tiny caps that go over the end of the nails. They glue on like Press on Nails and they do not hurt your cat in any way. They do not even interfere with the claws ability withdraw into the paw. They are the perfect and painless way to keep your cat from doing any damage with his or her claws. Of course these are only for indoor cats.
Monday, June 30th, 2008
6:11 pm
Aquarium Ornament
Aquarium Ornament
 by: Keith Londrie
Aquarium ornaments aren't there to add any benefits to the fish, they are just for you to add some decoration in the tank. You can have all sorts of ornaments, big or small, traditional or caricature, simple or even complicated. There are thousands of different ornaments that you can buy in stores or you can even make your own. However ornaments are not for all fish, some fish don't like them, I know for a fact Oscars don't take well to any type of ornament or even plant. Some fish do need them though, basically to hide or live in and keep away from bigger fish.
Traditional ornaments are ornaments like castles and ships, they provide security for smaller fish from the bigger ones, they also provide a place to stay and play, yes fish do play! Fish ornaments are available in pet and fish stores. They tend to range from very low to very high prices. You can of course get more detailed ornaments that aren't shaped to be anything except for like branches with weeds on them. Some fish need their ornaments to resemble their natural home, for example lots of plants and branches in the tank.
If you have amphibians in your tank they often like a waterfall ornament with a bathing pool at the bottom of it so that they can bath in it. Amphibians need a lot of greenery in their tank as this resembles their home and therefore you should try to make sure that you fill you tank full of it! Aquarium ornaments are easy to come across and they don't take much effort to put in the tank.
You should always try to keep the ornaments like the animals natural habitat unless it is a fish that couldn't care less, like goldfish for example. Goldfish are very easy to keep and you can decorate their tank with all sorts of funny ornaments. With smaller fish you can try to decorate their tanks with funky ornaments but I always feel that the traditional ones are better!
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
1:38 am

This is my beloved Cornish Niki Cat. He scrambled past me as I was going out the door yesterday so I grabbed my camera and took some shots of him. I have a couple more on my journal if you'd like to come see : )

Big cat loving hugs,
Monday, October 2nd, 2006
10:34 pm

Hello my fellow cat loving sisters and brothers. Here are two teeny pictures of our wonderful new friends Tutu and Iggy Ziggy Stardust Kitty. Tutu is a Bengal and Ziggy is of course Siamese. We have been doing cat rescue for more than twenty-five years now, and I love kitties of every shape, size, and color, but we also have some pure breeds because I got involved in breed rescue a few years ago, and can't resist them. These are thumb sized photos so I won't slow anyone down here, but I've got larger ones over on my journal behind the cut, along with a big batch of pictures of some of our beloved cat family. Come on by and see : )

Big cat loving hugs,
Saturday, February 18th, 2006
2:50 pm
Friday, August 5th, 2005
1:35 am
Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
3:12 am

This is our beloved Niki-Cat. He's a Cornish Rex and is one of the coolest cats in all the world. I finally got a good picture of him, yeay! I'm petting him right now for you : )

Friday, April 15th, 2005
4:30 am

Hello all my beloved British pals. This is my son's favorite kitty Chippy at our vacation house in Palm Desert. He loves sitting on anything like this where his legs can dangle down. I've got more
pictures of kitties on my journal. Come see : )
Sunday, January 16th, 2005
6:50 pm

Pictures of our new kitty : ) Come see...

Friday, December 24th, 2004
4:31 am

Hello Everyone, Here are our Christmas/Holiday collage cards. I wanted to come by and post them here for all of you. I have enjoyed being a member of this community. Thank you everyone for your super inspiring posts and comments. I hope you all have the warmest, happiest, most love filled, holidays ever.

Big Loving Hugs,


PS: I made five of these cards, if you'd like to see the others, or last year's cards, they're on my journal. I thought it would be too overwhelming if I posted all of them in my fave communities : )
Saturday, October 30th, 2004
3:28 am

Here are a couple of Halloween cards I made for you with pictures of two of my beloved kitties. The top picture is Sammy and the bottom one is Curly Girl. I love her pouty little lip. Sammy is a back jumper -- he likes to leap onto my back and dig in with his claws, somehow, despite the pain, I love him all the more for this : )


Friday, October 29th, 2004
1:23 am
This is something I posted on a few of the animal rights community forums I belong to. I just thought I'd explain that to help you understand why it's written in the way it's written.

I have so many sweet little mundane Halloween and art and crafty doings I'd love to share with you, but all of this has upset me so much I just can't bring myself to write a light and chipper post just now -- maybe later.

Hi, My friends, I don't post here too often. I'm super wary and protective of my animals and since I have a few more than I am legally allowed to have -- meaning the animal cops could just stroll on by, round them up and murder them, (in a cruel backwards twist on what is considered humane), at any moment -- I live in fear of posting stuff publicly. I so need to move to an area that is more rural and has less stringent laws governing the allowed numbers of animals but I have an elderly mother who pulls our financial strings so for now I'm kind of stuck. We work so hard to care for our rescued friends. We buy the absolute best food, provide the best care, the best vets, I am going in the hole financially because of this. Our animals are so well loved and cared for, I just don't get why anyone would want to hurt them and hurt us by putting all of us at risk but they do. The last time I posted a photo of all of our cats together on my bed, the animal cops showed up very shortly afterwards. It might have been my evil neighbor but I'll never know for certain and I am very scared. Just writing this feels dangerous. Whatever, I just wanted to explain why I lurk rather than post.

Anyway there was a debate going on in a friend's journal yesterday regarding the use of either murdered animals or taxidermic animals and bullshit animal arranged art. I got so enraged I wanted to kill these people, seriously -- I just see red when I run into this kind of thing, when I so want to be a spiritually elevated pacifist gal. I've been all over this first site trying to find a way to write to them or contact them by phone. This woman supposedly, "humanely," murdered a black cat and then used his head and tail to attach him to a blue vase, photograph it and call it art. I hate so much I want to scream.

"There is nothing illegal in Nathalia's art. She has killed the animals in as humane a way as possible. Has she been guilty of a moral crime? We do not think so. We think that art is of vital importance. What do you think? "

I think I want to trash your gallery, gather up these cats and give them a proper burial. I think I want to tie up this woman or creature Nathalia and force her to undergo some kind of Clockwork-Orange-like reconditioning process so that she would develop some fucking empathy in her cold detached state, art fart, I just hate.

The second link is to an "artist" who makes arrangements out of rats, bunnies and birds. And to think she won a Fullbright scholarship for this kind of work. God, the world is just so twisted and flipped on it's ass right now, I just don't get it. Things seemed to be going along pretty well there for a while in the early days of Clinton's presidency and then everything took a nose dive.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to protest this? Do you guys see a link to an e-mail or phone number I'm missing. I want to call and make things very clear to these people.

And don't even get me started about fur. Every catalogue I open is loaded with animal skins. Each time I get one I pick up the phone, call someone in advertising and get into a fight or a debate. It's so wearying, and I'm so sick of it, but it's the least I can do and it sure beats the impotent rage I feel when I just sit back and do nothing. Any ideas? Come to my journal and chat at me because I just know I'll forget to check back here and look for responses.

Very sad and weary animal loving hugs,

The only consolation I can take away from this is that karma is indeed a very powerful and beautiful thing.

Thursday, October 28th, 2004
6:28 am

This is Curly. Isn't he pretty? More kitty pics on my journal today : )
Monday, July 26th, 2004
11:14 pm

Someone sure has a lot of cats, and this is just in the bedroom, heh.
Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
7:24 pm

I was looking for Uk communities. I have just set up my own uk pet community (see below).

Anyway, my name is Vicki and I have 2 ginger moggie cats called tigger and garfield at the moment. However, I have a deposit on a pedegree british shorthair silver spottie kitten which i will be collecting at the end of the month. Her name is Amirrah which is princess in arabic.

This is my community - uk_pets, so come check it out.

For a limited time only I am also doing pet icons, please read the rules before submitting a picture.

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
2:43 pm

I wish I had a better picture of Twinkle on this computer but this is the only one I have here.

I need a huge cat favor. See the white kitty in the picture above? That's Twinkle, one of my favorite cats on the planet. The kitty beneath him is his best friend, brother and only littermate Sparkle, he died just a short while ago. I loved him so so much. He had a congenital disease called amyloidosis where your body produces too much protein, (pariticularly in Oriental Shorthaired cats which Twinkle and Sparkle are), and can't excrete it, so it stores it in your organs, specifically your kidneys and your liver. There isn't a cure.

Twinkle is fading. His white blood cell count is sky rocket high, his liver doesn't look good, he just looks awful. I'm giving him subcutaneous fluids and appetite stimulants and buying special foods and taking such god care of him. I'm just trying to walk that awful line between keeping him alive, hoping he'll bounce back, and watching to see if he is suffering and should be put to sleep because there's no hope of a recovery. This is always a hellish painful place to be.

Today I am going to take him to the vet again, this time to stay for a while so they can be certain he isn't suffering and so they'll be able to do whatever they can to make him comfortable. Chances are pretty good that they'll wind up telling me he needs to be put to sleep. I have always hated that expression and as I sit here knowing that I need to take a nap so I can be a chipper and positive girlfriend for my boyfriend because it's his birthday I can't help but want to stay awake and spend Twinkle's possible last few hours at home staring at him while he sleeps.

Anyway the favor I'm asking is for your positive energy, prayers, candles, vibes, support, whatever you can send Twinkle's way. It's worked before, so why not now? Thanks so so sooooo much.

Big loving hugs,

I miss my Sparkle, there will never be another like him.
Thursday, April 15th, 2004
3:20 am
My Beloved Sparkle Kitty Died Suddenly Today

This is one of my best friends in all the world, Sparkle. He died sometime today. Esther, found him with his tail and a leg sticking out from under my bed. We don't know what happened. I am so tortured and grief stricken. I've been crying off and on for hours. Finally I grabbed every pain and anxiety medicine I could think of and downed them to blot out the pain. It hasn't worked, I just feel thick and stoned, sick and heart broken.

Who will ever understand how special this little slightly crossed eyed man was?

No more fetch. No more saving the little plastic ring that comes around the neck of the Snapple bottles. No more snaggle teeth. No more pawing my face when he knows I'm sad or just wants me to pet him. No more sharing my cheese. No more Sparkle. There will never ever be another cat like him. I want to die.

This is Sparkle and his only littermate, his brother Twinkle, and Sparkle's babies. They were baby-sitting the kittens while the mommies were off taking a break.

What happened? Why? Cats don't just drop dead like this without any warning. What does this say about our new housekeeper Ana and Esther? We've been gone for close to a week. Did Esther just breeze in and out without really checking in on everyone because she likes to do this when I'm away? Did she miss something that I would have seen that would have caused me to rush him to the vet? Is Anna too simple minded, inexperienced and overwhelmed to notice when someone isn't doing well. This never ever would have happened if Irma had been there. All I feel is loss, loss, and more loss, and yet in the midst of this there is always the grace of faith. Faith that I am grateful to the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary for laying the seeds inside my heart that carry me through every one of these terrible losses. Faith that everything happens for a reason no matter how fucked up and painful it is.

Here is a picture of sweet little Tea Tea. I'm still so sad about her dying, but we knew she was living on borrowed time. We just kept hoping there was some way we'd be able to keep this sickly little midget cat going until she could get strong enough to thrive on her own. Our vets made us feel better by saying they'd never seen anyone work as hard or sacrifice as much as we had for her. Hearing that they felt we'd done everything we could and more for her helped ease the pain of losing her, but with Sparkle just dying alone and without my being there, I'm just torn up and wracked with guilt.

Oh God my beloved Sparkle. Not even the death of our dear little Tea Tea who we fought night and day for, for almost a year, compares to the hurting of this. And all my Mother could dredge up by way of empathy was, "It's just one cat, you have plenty more. Now stop crying, get dressed and get ready for dinner." When she found me later, lying on my bed and sobbing she got angry and tried to shame me out of it by saying, "I'd understand if you were someone who had just one cat or just one dog, but to be crying over one cat when you have fifty is just nuts." Good old Mom. It's not enough that I have to ache for the familiar comfort of my sleek little black friend, I get to yearn for the comfort of a Mother's love as well. Thank God Scott was able to talk to me for a little while and Beau tried to be kind. He said, "Mom, imagine that I could say the most comforting thing in all the world to you right now and then pretend I did that okay?" I told him I just wanted him to hug me and tell me he was sorry and that he understood how much I hurt, so he did.

There will never ever be another Sparkle. He was unique and wonderful from the moment he was born, special to me from the moment I first laid eyes on him. I will never get over the loss of his companionship and there had better be a heaven out there somewhere where we will someday get to reunite with our loved ones when we die or I will feel so betrayed and ripped off by life.
Friday, December 19th, 2003
10:42 pm

Here is one of our many cuddly naughty little feline family members. They were helping (not) us wrap our Christmas gifts yesterday so I took some pictures of them to share with you. I'll put the rest behind the LJ cut. I actually got scared off posting cat pics for a few months now because one of my LJ friends has all of the cat communities on her friends list and got upset that she had to scroll past all of my cat picture posts, sigh. I don't put any of my communities on my friend's list or I'd go mad. I have so many wonderful pals and belong to so many communities that there's just no keeping up with it. Anyway for those of you who would be bothered by seeing a whole bunch of glorious kitties over and over again here they are behind the cut. Happy Holiday hugs, Jacqui XOXOXO Read more...Collapse )
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